My first (sucessful) C3 feral run!

A "feral run" (in case you didn't know) is where you put some norns by themselves in a world with a few cobs, and just leave them by themselves for a long time without you watching them (usually overnight.)to breed, etc. (A "wolfing run" is with no cobs.) Of course, some of the norns will die, but if their children are strong they'll survive in the morning, and will usually be stronger than a normal norn. I tried doing this a few times, and they all died! But this time would be different. I got a program called Breeder from here that is very good for doing runs like this. Also, I put a few cobs in the world that would help them, like the Grettin Switch to turn off the Grendels.I also used an egg maker cob to make the 2 Nuke Norns.

When I started, Breeder was set at Max norns 12, Rename (gives norns names automatically according to generation, gender, etc.), Auto-export (it exports the weak norns if the world gets full), and Export Old (exports old norns). I started with 4 Norns, which were:

2 Nuke Norns (from here), 1 male, 1 female
1 Chromatic Bruin (from
here), female
1 Rainbow Candy Norn (from this site), gold colored, male

To be truthful I never really planned this world to be a feral run world, it just turned out that way. I started it, then left it for a while, and it seemed to do good by itself, so...I let it go overnight. However, since I had several programs running on the little bar thing by the clock, and also had the screensaver running, and didn't put the game on fast mode (press shift-ctrl-w, then shift-ctrl-f), it didn't run very fast. However, I still came up with several generation 2's, due to the fact that RC norns love to breed! That afternoon while I was doing some other stuff, I set up the game without the screensaver, on fast mode, and turned off the other things that were running. Also, since the food fountain didn't help much in the Norn Terrarium where it was, I moved it to the bridge, so maybe any norns that were stopping by could get some food. What ended up happening was this (at this point I had started watching what the creatures were doing, so I could get some pictures):

They all moved to the bridge! All the norns liked to play with the potion maker, but this guy was the one who drank them all!

All of the Norns in the world (by now, they were around 5th-6th generation) and an Ettin had moved to the bridge. It was pretty cool to see how they would move like this, to an environment with unlimited food. But it also didn't seem right to me, it was too easy for them. This was supposed to be for breeding stronger norns. So..I turned off the food fountain. The norns walked around for a while, but eventually began to starve. I wondered if they would ever find a way to get food, since all these Norns were probably born around the bridge. They rode the elevators for a while, but eventually they started walking towards the Norn Terrarium.

The little potion lover got a little sidetracked.. One of the first Norns to head towards the terrarium! Now she's in the terrarium

Some more Norns head over in search of food The first male to make it The first norn to make it to the food!

Although they had made it to a new food source, many of the Norns returned to their birthplace and played with gadgets.

I left this bunch running overnight, with the game this time fully optimized for speed. In the morning, I had a bunch of 10th and 11th generation Norns, and one 9th. Here's some pictures:


My Norns sometimes explore the jungle, but they don't get very sick. This guy actually had the best score in the world! Like his ancestors, this norn visits the bridge They're still very fertile

A strange thing that happened in my world was that around the time when all the Norns settled by the bridge, a black-checkered egg was laid, grew to half size, but never hatched. I've seen this egg floating around in different parts of the world, at first at the bridge, then in the Norn Terrarium, and now in the Jungle:

There it is, in the elevator...come to think of it, I always see it in an elevator.. Guarding the egg with his life

One last weird thing I noticed, in the Death Registration screen there was this norn who apparently had his head gene mutated to look like a Grendel. Too bad he died 1 minute after being born.

Here's some pics from generations 11-12:

Although most are plain colored, a few still show signs of their colored ancestors Just thought this was cute. The body parts have stabilized-they all have Civet heads, Bengal arms and tail, and Bruin body and legs.

And here's some from generations 18-20:

This norn's head gene was mutated, giving her a Bruin head A very weird thing-the norns like to keep their eggs in the lift. A few minutes before this picture, the Bruin-headed norn laid an egg, picked it up, and put it in the lift. They still have a fondess for playing with the gadgets on the bridge

Well...a little after this I made a huge screw-up and tried the norns with grendels, but they almost all died, then the agent help committed suicide and the camera got this glitch where it always stuck to the currently selected norn. I ended up exporting almost all the norns, then cloning the good ones and breeding them with Shagadelic Norns (from here) to save them. Here are the surviors (it says they're generation 4, but really they're like generation 22)

Download them

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