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quiescent (adj.) quiet, calm, still, at rest

7-15-00: Well, I'm going to camp for 6 days tomorrow, but before I go..a really big update. A new page filled with hatchery eggs for C2, a new C1 female norn and 2 new C2 male norns, an update page, and a guestbook.

7-9-00: Well, obviously you saw the new name...I'll explain later, it's getting late. Well, a lot of things have been updated and changed, there's a new section where you can link to this site in Other Stuff, and a new C3 female norn. And all in one day! I'm sure there will be a problem somewhere with such a huge update, but I'm going on a trip for a couple days and won't be able to fix it until Wednesday. Email me with any bugs you find.

6-22-00: I added a new C1 norn, Serenity. If you've been watching my page, you've noticed the posed creatures popping up! I think they add a nice accent to the page. Go look in the random ramblings also (in other stuff if you're using no frames) to see some info about me 'n my friend's new domain, kaioh.net. (don't worry, this page isn't moving)

6-21-00: Well, I updated the layout, now there's a no frames version, and things should be easier to get to.

6-20-00: It's been a while! I've got a new breed of norn out, the Partytime Norns! These norns love to drink, and hate grendels! Don't worry, the Moogle Norns haven't been abandoned, but I_hate_making sprites. Also, go look at the randomness section...

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