C3 Genetic Experiments

Well..here is a page for my weird Creatures 3 genetic experiments. Some of the downloads contain genetics (.gen) files. In order to turn these into eggs, you need the Egg Maker cob from here.

Carnivore Bruins: These norns have been genetically altered to seek out animals and their eggs for food. They have gone through a few different stages of development, but here is the latest one. It also includes a file for the Egg Layer. For download soon.

Brainless Norn: This is just one I made for fun. This poor norn has had all her brain lobes and brain tracts deleted. Result: She doesn't move, just stands in one place and stands up and down, occasionally saying something. E-mail me if you really want her....she's very boring and I don't want to waste server space.

The Moogle Norns: These are my biggest project so far, currently under development. These norns have new sprites that look like the Moogles from FFIII (FFVI), and will also have a new genome. Visit the Moogle Norn page
Rainbow Candy Norns: Another all-new genome..no, they don't really look like they do in the picture (though I wish they did!) Rainbow Candy Norns come in 6 yummy flavors: Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Berry, and Grape. They all look very cool due to excessive fiddling with the pigment bleed genes (except for Berry, I couldn't get him to look blue without using pigment genes.) They also have a new personality, are very sociable and love to kisspop. The file is a self-contained agent file. Just put it in the "My Agents" directory, and that's all. The egg layer will now be able to dispense randomly flavored Rainbow Candy Norns. Download
PartyTime Norns: A new breed by me, these drink alcohol instead of eating food and are quite good at dealing with grendels. Go to their page

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