Complete and Utter Randomness.....

There's absolutely no point to this part of the site. It's where I stick everything that I want to put on the site that just won't fit anywhere else.. Well, take a look.

6-22-00: La, la, la...oh yea, my friend, the one with the Sailormoon site, well...she got a domain,, and she said I could use it too, so...Well, this site is staying put, but I'll be putting some non-Creatures related stuff on there, so keep watchin' it!

6-20-00: Aaaah, I'm kinda hyper! Here's a little ditty....It doesn't mean anything in particular, it's all in what you make of it!

Balls, balls, balls
Bounce off the walls, walls, walls
And through the halls, halls, halls
And over the malls, malls, MALLS!!!
Thank you very much. Hey..Why don't you go on over to! Oooh, personalized stain advice! Even on Palms!! Wowey!!

4-15-00 If you're wondering where the look for this site came from, the peach thing's based on the N64 game Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. You just have to play it to get it, but the bad guys Spring Breeze Dancing and Kitty Lily (that's me!) ride around in a giant flying peach named Balberra.

4-15-00: Go visit my friend's Sailor Moon site! It's at And while you're at it, go see my old site (if it even exists anymore), Dragonite's Virtual Pet Directory. It was supposed to be a complete database of every virtual life and sort-of-virtual life game or toy ever made, but it was just too hard to make and I got preoccupied with other things. It had even less people visiting it than this site...:P

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