You must be really bored if you came here....All my previous updates.

5-21-00: Huge update today..upgrades to the side frame to hopefully make it easier to navigate, sections on my C2 and C3 feral runs, and about 3 or so new norns in the C2 adoption section.

5-8-00: Added 2 norns to the C2 adoption page.

5-4-00: Wow, I sold a ton of donuts...:-) Thanks to everyone who bought. Well, I finally got a C1 cob up, it's not really a cob though...go see

5-2-00: Go buy some donuts from my neopets's here (you have to be logged in though)

4-29-00: Upgraded the Rainbow Candy Norns. Now the blue ones look better. Also some genes have been changed.

4-21-00: I finally found the link to the real Dale Norns....the link on the C3 adoption page has been changed. Also added music to the site!

4-19-00: Added Flip to the C2 adoption page.

4-17-00: Added the Rainbow Candy Norns to the Genetic Experiments page. Go download them-they're lots of fun.

4-15-00: Hiya, random visitor to my site! You're lucky to have found your way here you know....Well, I added the link to the Dale Norn sprites in the C3 adoption section. And there's this funky thing going on where they're being called "Mask Norns".. go look. I won't be putting the brainless norn (Experiments) up for download...if you want her, email me, I don't see any point in her now really, she's very boring. Also, go check out the new Randomness section. It's pointless, but that's the point!

4-10-00: Today was the first day this site was up! Go ahead, look around, but be warned, at this point some sections aren't complete (like the COBs soon as I figure out that CAOS, be prepared for some.).

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